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Heads of the Department of Occupational Medicine:

1. Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Teisinger, DrSc. 1947-1970
2. Prof. MUDr. Karel Rejsek, DrSc. 1970-1975
3. Prof. MUDr. Pravoslav Hykeš, DrSc. 1975-1991
4. Doc. MUDr. Jana Vejlupková, CSc. 1991-1995
5. Prof. MUDr. Daniela Pelclová, CSc. 1995-2017
6. Doc. MUDr. Sergej Zacharov, PhD. 2017-now



The occupational medicine foundation in the Czechoslovakia

In the Czech Republic (and in its predecessor, the former Czechoslovakia), the history of governmental commitments to occupational health issues has a long track record.

The first Department for Occupational Medicine in the Czech Republic was established here at the Charles University in Prague in 1932. Professor Jaroslav Teisinger was the first head of this department. He was an outstanding scientist, renowned occupational toxicologist, with high reputation home and abroad, awarded many prestigious degrees and medals.

In 1947 the Department of Occupational Medicine became a clinic with 27 beds, Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology, and Laboratory of Lung Functions Diagnostics. In 1962 a Poison Information Centre was started there and later on a Centre of Specialized care for Radiation Damaged.

The system of Czech occupational health services before 1989 might have served as a model worth following in several aspects, e. g. as regards resources and staffing. Research in the field of occupational health was on a very high level, and the hygienic limits set for the working environment were relatively strict in comparison with many European countries. In practice, however, the system did not always work as expected. For example, during the communist era (1948-1989), it was frequently banned to disclose information about workplace hazards and risk management. The gap between political proclamations and reality was on the increase. Unfortunately, after the velvet revolution in 1989, some good practices and knowledge bases in OHS have been abandoned and almost completely destroyed.

During the 1990s, dramatic changes in the economic system had deep impact on work life. Currently, the differences between the Czech Republic and in the EU countries concerning the structure of the labor market are relatively small. Despite this, the structure of the workforce in the Czech Republic is still greatly influenced by the former economic arrangement, and this is likely to hold during the next couple of years. The introduction of new technologies, changes in the demographic structure, as well as in social and cultural life influenced the conditions of work and living of workers. More data about the history of Czech Occupational Medicine can be found in following articles.

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Profesor MUDr. J. Teisinger, DrSc.


Medailes and awards of prof. MUDr. J. Teisinger, DrSc.

1960 medaile Karolinska Mediko-Kirurgiska Institutet Kungl

1962 medaile J. E. Purkyně, Spolek českých lékařů v Praze

1962 pamětní medaile ČSAV Za zásluhy o vědu a lidstvo

1967 diplom Udruženje za Medicinu Rada Socijalističke Federativne Republike Jugoslavie

1970 Pamětní medaile UK při příležitosti životního výročí

1972 Stříbrná plaketa ČSAV J. Heyrovského za zásluhy o rozvoj chemických věd

1973 Krakovská pamětní medaile Academia Medica M. Koperníka

1977 diplom Istituto Nazionale per Assicurazione, Premio Internazionale Buccheri La

Terla in Medicina del Lavoro, Itálie

1983 diplom The Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health, Jugoslávie

medaile Assoc. Nacional de Medicina do Trabalho, Santos Brasil




1947-1970 Prof. MUDr. Jaroslav Teisinger, DrSc.


1970-1975 Prof. MUDr. Karel Rejsek, DrSc.


1975-1991 Prof. MUDr. Pravoslav Hykeš, DrSc.


1991-1995 Doc. MUDr. Jana Vejlupková, CSc.


1995-2017 Prof. MUDr. Daniela Pelclová, CSc.

Daniela Pelclová

2017-now Doc. MUDr. Sergej Zacharov, Ph.D.

Daniela Pelclová